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Book Direct at Haus Schneeberd, Muehlbach am Hochkoeing

International Book Direct day this year is 2nd February 2022.  This means that hospitality owners from all around the world come together to promote the #BookDirect message and explain to potential guests why they should be booking direct with the owner, rather than booking through an Online Travel Agent (OTA) such as, Expedia, Airbnb, Tripadvisor etc.

The Truth about Online Travel Agents

Online travel agents can be very convenient to book through

However did you realise that they charge property owners for every booking – up to 20% in some cases.

Also, some online travel agents charge a service fee to you the guest as well (Airbnb, and Homeaway / VRBO / Fewo Direkt

This could be up to 30% more in commissions and fees than booking with the property direct.

Also, online travel agents have been found to be misleading customers on many occassions such as not displaying the full price to the guest when they search, and giving properties inferior positions in search results if the property quotes a cheaper price on their own website, or superior positions if they pay more commission to the online travel agent.

Why do accommodation providers use Online Travel Agents?

  • Online Travel Agents have large advertising budgets and therefore can reach a greater amount of people
  • We understand that some customers prefer to book all their accommodation through one site for convenience
  • We understand that some customers feel more reassurred as they are booking through a large company. 
  • However, the online travel agents will not protect you any more than booking direct with the property.  In fact you will get a better customer service experience by booking direct with the property as they will take time out to make sure your stay goes as planned.
Book Direct at Haus Schneeberd, Muehlbach am Hochkoeing

Why Book Direct?

  • Best price guarantee
    • We guarantee that you will not find a lower price anywhere else, so you save money!
  • Extras for free
    • We can offer you a few extras for free to make your stay even more special eg early check ins / late check ins / late check out for free, a welcome treat
  • More flexible cancellation policies, and refunds due to corona lockdowns / travel warnings 
  • Exclusive Special Offers
    • We sometimes publish discount codes and offers that are only valid when you #bookdirect on our website.  You can sign up to our VIP email list to receive these, and watch out for them on our Facebook page 
  • Personlised Booking, tailored to you
    • Do you have a specific need during your holiday that you need help with? For example, you need a baby sitting service during your stay, or a guest has an anniversary or birthday they are celebrating while on your holiday. Are you arriving late in the evening when the shops are closed and need some initial supplies to tide you over? Do you need help you out with organising ski hire and ski lessons? Your host / property owner can work with you to help meet your needs and make your stay extra special!
  • Direct contact with the owner
    • This means you can ask any question before you book, to ensure that you are booking the right property for your holiday. The property owner is the best person to tell you about the area, and the accommodation. You cannot get a lot of this information through the online travel agents
  • The owners have the best local knowledge!
    • We are your free destination guide! We know the best areas to eat, visit, how to save money and time and make the most out of your holiday. By #BookingDirect you ensure that you make the most out of this service and knowledge!
  • Some properties are not available on the Online travel agents
    • If you only look on the online travel agents you will be missing out on some of the best properties!
Book Direct at Haus Schneeberd, Muehlbach am Hochkoeing

The best way to Book Direct

1. Search on the Online travel agents
Why? As a large number of properties do advertise on the online travel agents to gain the reach. However, find the name of the property you like, and then search for the property online with eg Google / Facebook. You should be able to find their direct website, and you should save anywhere between 5% up to 30%!
2. Search on Google
Search for example for holiday homes in xxxx, holiday apartment in xxxx. Then ignore the large Online Travel Agent advertisements, and look at the direct websites.
3. Check out Houfy 
We are part of a group of worldwide property owners that have joined together to help spread the message of #BookDirect.  All the properties are listed on a map so you can choose exactly where you would like to stay, and the map is growing every day with more properties coming on board!
4. Check out Listdirect
This is a new website that has properties from many countries where you can book direct with the owners.
5. Facebook groups
There are many Facebook groups that have a large amount of owners that advertise. Search for terms such as Holiday Rentals, Holidays Direct. Then add a post asking for your specific requirements – be surprised at how many enthusiastic owners can fulfill your requirements!
6. How to stay safe
Visit the owners website, talk to them directly, either by telephone, chat, message, or by email, make sure the email address is connected to the website, check that the owner sound as if they know about the property and the area, and make your booking direct with the owner! Check out these top 10 tips for staying safe by the Telegraph.
If you are unsure, always pick up the phone to the owner, or send them a message through their Facebook page / website. We are a friendly bunch and we are here for you to have the best holiday possible!

To Book Direct a stay at Haus Schneeeberg, click here!

To book direct with any other property in the World, check out Houfy below

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