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Hike to Riemannhaus

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Sommerstein, Hochkoenig
If you want a more challenging walk, this one may be for you! Starting from just outside Maria Alm, and taking you up to 2177m, it is a great way to escape from the heat!
You can even go further up to the surrounding peaks to get even better views.
You can start from the centre of Maria Alm, but we recommend that you start from Riemannhaus carpark, about 3 miles out of Maria Alm.
As you approach, you get a fantastic view of the column like / molar tooth like Sommerstein to the right, and the Breithorn to the left. The Riemannhaus is situated on a plateau in between the 2 peaks.
Approach to Riemannhaus

The path from the car park starts off fairly steep – enough to get your blood flowing and warm you up!

Riemanhaus hike and view

There are some fantastic views along the way – looking over towards Aberg, and the Kitsteinhorn further in the background.

Riemannhaus hike stony steps

The path starts to get more stony – the area is called Steinernes Meer after all- the stony sea.

Some scrambling is needed in places, and there are metal ropes to help you stay steady in some areas.
Riemannhaus hike stony steps
Even Chestnut managed to get up the stony sea!
Sommerstein, Hochkoenig
The Sommerstein gets larger as you get closer!
Riemannhaus, Hochkoenig

Finally, after around 2.5 hours you are greeted with the Riemannhaus, where you can get refreshments and lunch! We loved the coffee and cake!

Sommerstein top Hochkoenig

If you want to get the absolute best views and hike a little further, you can go to the top of the Sommerstein, just over 2300m.

View between Sommerstein and Briethorn

The view from in between Sommerstein and Breithorn.

View from Riemanhaus, Hochkoenig
Views on the way back down. We loved this hike – it is definitely not for the faint hearted as it is quite exposed in some places, but even Alison, who does have a fear of heights, managed it without freezing!
It is definitely worth it for the views, and the sense of achievement when you reach the top!
We hope you love it as much as we do!