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The best Sledge runs in Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Sledge in the Hochkoenig

If you fancy some time off skiing, or are a non skier, there are a number of sledge runs (Rodelbahns) in Mühlbach am Hochkönig, and in the area of the  Hochkönig.

It is great fun for all the family, and our guests are welcome to use our sledges in our basement if you want to go for a sledge!  All sledge runs are free, but some of the huts will charge you to hire a sledge from them.  The sledge runs are mostly natural paths, and some are also used as roads, so please take care on them!

Reithgut Rodelbahn, Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Rodelbahn Sledge Reithgut Muehlbach am Hochkoeing

This is the nearest sledge run to Haus Schneeberg -it starts approx 200m from the house, from the Skiweg (Ski Path) across the river.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the top then there is a gentle 600m sledge down the path, with a few turns!  You will need your own sledges for this.  It is free, and a natural path.  Ideal for families with younger children.

Kopphütte Rodelbahn, Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Rodelbahn Sledge run Kopphuette Muehlbach am Hochkoeing

This is the most famous Rodelbahn in the village, being 3.6km long and with beautiful scenery.

Take the free bus up towards Arthurhaus, and get off at the Kopphütte stop (ask the bus driver if you are unsure).

Then there is a 20 minute walk – initially downhill (you can sledge this in good conditions, but be careful as cars use this road too), and then keep left, and go over the bridge at the bottom of the hill.  Then the road continues uphill for about 400m.  You will see a path on the left hand side when the road starts to level off, with a sign for the rodelbahn.  This is the start!  If you get to the Kopphütte, you have gone too far!

You can hire sledges from the Kopphütte if you don’t take your own sledges up with you.

The end of the run is in the village, just behind the Gemeinde (Council office) building about 200m from the house.

Pausbauer Rodelbahn, Mühlbach am Hochkönig

Rodelbahn Pausbauer Muehlbach am Hochkoenig

You walk up from the bottom of the village for about 45 minutes to Pausbauer restaurant.  Then, have a refreshment at the top, or a tasty meal.  From Haus Schneeberg, turn left, walk through the village, and after about 400m take the right turn over the bridge towards Pausbauer.

They provide their sledges for free, as long as you have had a refreshment, so there is no need to drag the sledge up with you.

As it is a road, it tends to be a bit faster as a bit more icy underfoot.  Take care with the cars!


Grüneggalm Rodelbahn, Dienten

This rodelbahn is in the village of Dienten, and is 1.4km long. You will need a car to access this one.

Rodelbahn Sledge run Gruenegg Dienten

Park at the bottom of the road signposted to Grüneggalm, at the bottom of Dienten village.  You walk up for around 40 minutes, then visit the wonderfully welcoming Grüneggalm.  They are a restaurant, and also a Schnapserei (Schnaps brewery), and they have won many awards for their tasty Schnaps.

Try out one of the schnaps flavours when you are there!  They do charge for the sledge rental here, but it is worth it!

There are other sledge runs in the area if you have enjoyed these ones and want to try more!  Please ask us for more details!

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